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Networks of microchurches equipping and empowering disciples to go make disciples in our cities, nation, and nations of the earth.

A Surprising Community...

Have you ever wondered what this thing we call “Church” looked like in the beginning? It may surprise you to find out that that the church met in people’s homes, was a multi-generational and multi-ethnic community, and lived a radical lifestyle of loving each other, engaging the problems of the world around them, and taking care of the poor. The goal was to invite more and more people into a family that saw Jesus as their King whom they obeyed in everything. They lived to see life "on earth as it is in heaven."


Of Ordinary People...

Have you ever wondered who started the church? In the beginning nobody was a professional. Surprised? Good thing God had a plan that didn't require professionals. God uses ordinary people. He did it to start the first movement of the church. And He does it today.

Forming a Multiplying Network

SimpleChurch Network is made up of microchurches, or "SimpleChurches" that meet in homes, online, or public spaces. While all of these churches are independent, our network supports them through encouragement, community, prayer, and practical coaching and assistance.

SimpleChurches that are a part of the network agree to the Simple Church DNA. Like a family that shares DNA but does not all look the same, SimpleChurches have unique expressions depending on the gifts and interests of the people in the Simple Church.

The goal is to multiply SimpleChurches and SimpleChurch networks.  Everything must multiply on every level. Simple things multiply, complex things do not.


With A Path To Change Their World

SimpleChurches take seriously the goal of preparing YOU to impact the world around you.  Every person in SimpleChurch can be mentored through a pathway of growth, multiplying the number of people effecting the culture around them.


Jesus said that no one comes to Him unless the Father draws them. We create space for seekers to discover God through a non-threatening process they own.


In the Scriptures, people who chose to follow Jesus were called Disciples.  They make a radical commitment to Jesus, abiding in Him and learning to obey Him in everything.


One of the commands Jesus gave disciples was to make other disciples. We learn to take people to Jesus and help them abide in Him and obey Him, not our great sermons or teachings.


Disciples gather into worshiping groups that scripture calls church. Church is simple, relational, and powerful. It is facilitated by ordinary people forming disciplemaking Jesus-communities that change their world.


Some disciplemakers serve others in multiplying Simple Churches. These coaches are not hierarchical leaders, but are servants and may become spiritual fathers and mothers to the people they coach.

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