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In SimpleChurch we don't say "Get Involved." We don't want you involved in our vision.  We believe you are created with your own.

Decide how you want to start below.

Are You Looking for the Path Back to God?

We would be honored to help you discover who Jesus is for yourself.  Stop trying to figure it out from YouTube preachers. Let us help you read the Bible and make your own decisions.

We facilitate 7 week "Stories of Hope" discovery encounters.  Sign up with your friends and discover who Jesus is.

Checking Out SimpleChurch?

If you already are a follower of Jesus, your path to SimpleChurch begins with our ENVISION process. This six week process is for you and a group of people to discover if disciplemaking and SimpleChurch is for you.

For those who choose to be a part, we EQUIP you with simple tools, help you EVALUATE your place of contribution in this world, we EMPOWER you into your community that you want to impact, and we COACH you in an ongoing way to help you make disciples.


Looking for an Easier Way to Do Church?

If you are simply looking for a church that meets in a home and has less demand and commitment on your life, SimpleChurch is NOT for you.  Jesus came to our world, NOT so you can just be saved from your sin and go to heaven.  Jesus came to this earth to show us the UPSIDE DOWN way that he rules His kingdom...that it is in giving your life away that you find true life.

The path to maturity is not knowing more information about Christ, but putting it into action.  Building your life on the Rock means that you are obeying Jesus' teachings. In SimpleChurch, we band together to learn to obey all Jesus commanded us.

Ready to Impact Your World?

Church is not about your getting "fed." It is not about attending a service where there is great worship music. Uplifting music and more information may be awesome things, but there is a different way to make an impact.


SimpleChurch changes the world as ALL OF US change our world.  Jesus said that he came "to seek and save the lost," to "bear witness to the truth," to "destroy the work of the devil," and to "give his life as a ransom for many."  SimpleChurches believe that if we say we live in Jesus, we ourselves should walk as He himself walked. SimpleChurch is about giving our lives away.  We do that all week long and our meetings are all about encouraging us to persevere. When each person is equipped to change their world, then the whole world will be changed!


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