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Is SimpleChurch Just Another Church?

If you happen to live in the American south, you will notice the landscape here is filled with churches. There are big churches and small churches. There are dozens of different varieties from different denominations. In this environment, certainly we don't need another church expression.

Yet, both church member and secular observer note that the church is often not being an agent of change in society. We have been caught up in politics. We have been caught up in building our own empires and celebrity status. Even when we have focused on Jesus...the author of our Christian faith, we often don't use biblical methods to achieve His ends.

SimpleChurch is an attempt to be different in several ways.

  1. SimpleChurch is a network, not a organization. As a network, we provide training in multiplicative disciplemaking. We provide simple tools that any believer can use to make disciples that make disciples. As a network, we get behind the unique calling and gifting of our network members. The network functions with elders that shepherd and coach network members, not tell them what to do.

  2. SimpleChurch is focused on ordinary people having an extraordinary impact. Whether you meet in a home, a café, a place of business, or a formal church building, we provide the support, prayer and coaching that you need to succeed. We are brand neutral, encouraging your missional community to have your own name and identity.

  3. SimpleChurch is focused on the Kingdom of God (not building the kingdom of our church). When Jesus announced his ministry, he claimed Isaiah 61 as his banner prophetic scripture. We believe that disciples should live self-sacrificially to take the good news of King Jesus to the lost, the broken, the poor, the immigrant and the disenfranchised. The Kingdom moves towards those people. We coach church leaders in our network how to live like Jesus.

  4. SimpleChurch is focused on being extended family to one another and loving one another. We work to support one another, build one another up, and even "go there" with the conversations that can help make us better. We value real loving authenticity, centered on the way of Jesus.

Whether you are a individual, seeking a way to make multiplying disciples that impact the world around you, or you are a legacy church pastor who is looking for a way to become effective in leading your church into multiplying the Kingdom, SimpleChurch can be a family for you.

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william getumbe
william getumbe
Jul 04, 2023

hello Chris, greetings, i totally agree with you

my name is william getumbe, we are practicing the simple church teaching, we request your help spiritually and also your assistance with food, we have emergency food needs in our house church gatherings. thanks

brother william getumbe

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